High quality mattresses, high quality sleep.

At The Bed Shop, we’re committed to eliminating the anxiety of mattress & pillows shopping. Each of the branded bedding products we offer combines innovation with comfort to offer you a stress-free shopping experience.

The Bed Shop prides itself on providing an exceptional blend of value, friendly customer service and a superior quality of products for our customers. Additionally, we provide very convenient financing options as well as accepting all major credit cards. Next day delivery is also available on most purchases

With our wide range of products, you can rest assured you’re buying a quality product that not only helps you throughout the night — but because you’ve had a great night sleep throughout the day as well.

We want everyone to experience the benefits of better sleep. We want every person to understand how much more alive they’ll feel and more productive they’ll be. What it’s like to live with healthier hearts and minds: The happiness that comes with Better Sleep.

The Head Office located in Sharq, the business-city of Kuwait, The Bed Shop has its showrooms in different parts of Kuwait.

The Bed Shop Values:

Caring is about making decisions that demonstrate that you care about the associates who work at The Bed Shop, the business and the customer.

Utilizing the history of the company and applying learning from the past to make good decisions for the future.

Maximizing the opportunity to think “outside of the box”, to explore new ideas, be receptive to new concepts and be willing to introduce the new products in Kuwait market.

Keeping your customer first in your thoughts and decision-making process.