Individual craftsmen sign each bed as they are completed and we provide a 20 year guarantee against breakage to the springs and frames. On our adjustable beds, we provide a 5 year guarantee on the motorized parts.
    But your beautiful Carpe Diem bed will probably add joy to your life much longer than that. Once you’ve become accustomed to a Carpe Diem bed you will never be satisfied with anything e

  • Tempur pillows

    Tempur pillows provide better support for your neck and body than standard memory foam pillows.
    Ergonomically contoured shapes properly support your head, neck and spine, and ranging from firm to medium-soft feel.
    Softer, shapeable filled pillows in more standard shapes, with gentle head and neck support for a range of sleep styles.
    Travel-size pillows deliver proper support and soothing comfort s

  • Carpe Diem Beds is one of Sweden’s leading bed producers.

    Deep sleep revitalises the body and REM clears the brain. In addition, your bed should be pressure relieving and free from blood circulation interference. That makes your bed incredibly important.
    Our skilled craftsmen know this. They do a careful job with mindful check-ups after every stage of our hand assembly. Every component in our beds is made from material of the highest quality: the frames


    YATSAN is continuing to create differences with the spring mattress manufactured with different characteristics and mattresses without springs filled by various filling materials, bases important for design bedrooms and headboards specially designed yacht beds and round beds and water beds that are first produced in this sector.

  • Reasons to Sleep On Tempur

    Night-time Renewal for body and mindTM

    1. Sleep is vitally important for you – at TEMPUR we really care about your sleep.

    2. With TEMPUR your spine and joints rest in their natural positions, resulting in less snoring and undisturbed serene sleep.

    3. The TEMPUR Mattresses and pillows have been clinically proven to reduce tossing and turning.

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We are a leading company in Kuwait specialized in beds, mattresses and bedding products of various standards and into business since the year 1995. At The Bed Shop, we are committed to eliminating the anxiety of mattress & pillows shopping. Each of the branded bedding products we offer combines innovation with comfort to offer you a stress-free shopping experience.

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